How will the electrified train lines in valleys affect commuting

Commuters Look Forward to Electrifying Travel Times

A deal to electrify the valley lines in South Wales has recently been announced, with the cost of the project being shared by the governments of the UK and Wales. The electrification of these lines is expected to start by 2019 and it is hoped that once this work has been completed it will have a real impact on travel times for commuters.

At the moment it takes well over an hour to travel between Merthyr Tydfil and Cardiff by train, but this will be reduced to around fifty minutes once the lines become electrified. The work will also include a completely electrified line from London to Swansea, which means it will not just be quicker to travel in Wales; the travel times to locations in England will also be reduced. It is anticipated that this will open up many more career opportunities for those who live in the valleys.

Increased reliability

Project leaders are hoping that the electrified line will also lead to a more reliable service. The lines will have new trains when the electrification has been completed and, being new, these trains will be less likely to suffer from breakdowns or mechanical problems than the older trains which are currently in use. The new trains will also be able to carry more passengers, meaning that the capacity that these routes can accommodate will be increased. When both of these factors are combined, this will make the new electrified routes very attractive to commuters, and people who do not currently use the train to get to work may start considering it as an option, lowering the pressure felt on the country’s road network.

Inevitable disruption

While all these benefits will be enjoyed in the long term, there will undoubtedly be some disruption in the short term while the work is being carried out. Naturally the powers that be are aiming to reduce this upheaval as much as possible by carrying out work on the lines at the weekends or overnight. Overnight work is made possible when the engineering company hire a lighting tower and generators to bring power and lighting to sections of track where these necessities for night work currently don’t exist.

Bright economic outlook

The electrification of the valley lines in South Wales will make life a lot easier for commuters, and will provide a boost to the economy of the area as a whole. Reduced travel times and the introduction of a reliable service will open up a whole new pool of opportunities for people who live in the valleys, as they will now be able to look further afield for work. People may also begin to use the new electrified route for travelling for leisure and this can boost tourism to these areas, which will have a positive effect on the economy.

So, despite the inconvenience that will be felt while the work is carried out, those who are lucky enough to live along the route can look forward to a greatly improved service that will cut their travel times substantially.


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