Essential Outdoors: How to Throw Your Own Mini Festival

Festival themed parties are the hottest thing right now. Even Kim Kardashian and Kanye West planned a Coachella music festival themed first birthday party for their daughter North. Sadly most of us can’t afford a Ferris wheel – or fit it in our garden for that matter!



So to get in on the trend, how do you throw your very own mini festival?

#1  Pick a Location

Unless you have a huge back garden it is unlikely you will be able to hold the festival party at home, so where would work best? Do you know a friend with a large garden or some land you can hire? Or if you are worried about facilities you could do it inside at your local community hall. Wherever you decide to throw your festival, make sure to consider essential elements such as toilets and parking facilities. You wouldn’t want something so simple to ruin the day.

#2 Check the Weather

Even if you were born in the middle of July, sadly with the British weather you cannot guarantee it won’t rain. So make sure to check the weather in advance and plan accordingly. No one wants a wash out.

#3 Plan Entertainment

How much money are you planning on spending? If the sky’s the limit, then rent out a load of fairground equipment, build a stage for the hired entertainment and create a poster for the line-up.
For those on a smaller budget, get a friend to dress up as a clown, ask a local band to provide the music in exchange for the exposure and book a bouncy castle. You don’t have to spend a fortune to have fun!
If you are planning a lot and have an outdoor location you may want to consider how you are going to power this entertainment when there is no electricity switch in sight. Renting used generators or used lighting towers may be a necessity.

#4 Serve up Great Food

Most festivals will have stages lined with food carts and trucks, selling everything from hotdogs and beer to cooked dinners inside a giant Yorkshire pudding. So what will you dish up at your party?
Mini burgers are always a favourite, and they don’t require any crockery, so less washing up to do! Serve them with cones of chips, bowls of crisps and sweet treats like cupcakes and toffee apples always go down well.

Other Festival Themed Ideas

– Instead of giving your guests a birthday party invite send them tickets to get in.

– Set up a few tents with plenty of soft cushions inside for any tired guests, whether that is napping toddlers or adults who    have had one-too-many beers.

-Put out plenty of garden furniture if you are planning an outdoor party, no one enjoys eating standing up – even at a real festival.

-Complete a line-up and display it clearly, such as on a chalk board. This way your guests will know when to come off the bouncy castle and enjoy a live show.

So will you be throwing your very own festival themed birthday party, or maybe one for your kids? Have fun! We’ll be expecting an invite soon….


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