The Ultimate Guide to Construction Project Management

Whether you’ve been a project manager before or if you’re new to the game, knowing exactly what you have to do is essential. Every project differs in terms of what needs to be done and what your role entails, but the general practice remains relatively similar.

The main roles for a construction project manager tend to include:

Planning the Work

Before the ground is broken the project manager will take a good look at the blueprints and figure out the work that their team will actually do. This is where the different stages tend to be figured out, from planning to prepping, breaking ground through to completion. Most of the estimates are thrown in here too, including cost and time.

project management planning

Hiring, Firing, Supervising

The project manager is the big boss, it’s up to you to pick and choose your team. This means ensuring that the construction workers are coordinated and are working as they should, as well as taking disciplinary action against anyone stepping out of line. You’re the site manager and that means that everyone reports to you and you’re the one calling the shots.

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Top 5 uses for Lighting Towers this Autumn

Autumn is a lovely time of year that signals the end of summer. The leaves are changing colour and the last hurrahs of warm weather are an invitation to enjoy what is left of the season. The only downside to this time of year is the fading light, which is why so many event organisers choose to hire a lighting tower for their gatherings.

Lighting towers are also useful for finishing building projects on time, as well as bringing groups together for enjoyable sporting and social activities. They provide an excellent means of extending the working day into the evening to reap the last benefits of the decent weather.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular reasons why people use artificial lighting during autumn.

lighting towers sports

Sporting events

What athlete doesn’t enjoy getting in the last few games of the season? Whether for outdoor tennis matches, a friendly game of rugby or football, this form of powerful outdoor lighting enhances the environment to make these late summer evenings out possible.

Social events

Autumnal dances held in outdoor gardens take on a romantic feel with the crisp air of September signalling that change is near. Tower lighting is available in different sizes and configurations to highlight dancing and concession areas, as well as walkways, to increase the comfort and safety of attendees.

Charitable and commercial events

Tower lighting is also ideal for bathing a park or garden in light for social events such as fundraising, auctions or autumnal celebrations for your business. Participants will appreciate the chance to get out in the last of the warm weather before events must turn to indoor venues. These powerful floodlights allow you to get the most out of the beauty of the great outdoors while the weather still permits.

Industrial uses

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Crews often run short of time when performing vital roadwork maintenance or building projects. Working after dark may become necessary to complete these works before the ravages of winter bring a halt to proceedings. The bright flooding of light that emanates from tower lighting can help to create a safer environment for workers to complete these necessary assignments before the forces of nature make it impossible to continue.

Ideal for remote locations

Tower lighting does not require the necessity of electrical points nearby for effective operation. High powered generators provide the needed power sources for remote locations or those which are not close to traditional electrical sources. This makes them ideal for autumnal events held in celebration of nature and the close of summer.

Tower lighting is a means of extending the usefulness of the day for both industrial and community use. September is an indicator that summer will soon be gone and any construction work that is necessary must be completed while there is still time. Celebrations, sporting and social events which mark the close of the season are possible in practically any location. End-of-season deals are in abundance at this time of the year which makes September an ideal month to schedule your event and reserve the lighting source that best meets your requirements.