Biggest Construction Fails in the World

We’ve all had one of those “what am I doing here” moments, but some people in construction seem to have them worse than others. To make you feel a little bit better about bodging that DIY job or epically failing at construction, here are a few people doing it worse than you:

Loading a Digger

These guys are either complete geniuses who worked out that when they get paid by the hour, the longer it takes the better or they are idiots who don’t know how to use a digger. Loading up a digger by hand is easily one of the biggest construction fails we’ve seen in a long time – we’re hoping the foreman was away or asleep for this, because we wouldn’t want to take this hit!

Bright Ideas

When you move something really tall it makes sense to check the route you’re taking. Why do you do that? To watch out for electric wires of course! These two received a nasty shock here which we are hoping is enough for them to learn from their mistakes.

Taking Turns

Some people clearly have no respect for health and safety and these workers are definitely in the mix. They were lucky to walk away without any injuries from this little play, there were so many ways that it could have gone wrong!

Calm and Collected

How many construction workers does it take to stop a concrete buffer? Lots! Machinery should always be kept under control just for this reason, when it goes wild it can be a full blown project to get it back in hand. It took pretty much the entire workforce and 2 mins 30 seconds to right this wrong – bet they made sure it was off when it wasn’t needed after this fiasco.

Wrong Tool for the Job

Sometimes you’re set up to fail, a bit like these workers who were given hand axes to – it looks like – take up a road. When the tool you need is something as powerful as a jack hammer, eight blokes on their hands and knees hitting the road with a hatchet isn’t going to have the same impact. If you need a job doing right make sure you have the right equipment to sort the issue.

Hi-Vis Isn’t Knowledge

When you have this many people standing around a construction scene in hi-vis jackets, you’d expect that at least one of them will know what they are doing. It all seems to be going well until the very last moment when it goes catastrophically wrong. If you’re moving something heavy and expensive, make sure you do a full analysis of the situation before!

Got a similar story? Please share your own construction catastrophes with us!


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