The Top 5 Greenest Buildings in the World

Want to go green but not sure how to do it? Take a look at what you can learn from these pioneers.

clock shadow#1 The Clock Shadow Building, Milwaukee, USA

This is one of the world’s most ‘green’ buildings thanks to an ecological build, sustainability and the effort to improve the local area’s infrastructure.

When building this property the designers wanted to concentrate on using renewable energy, but sadly due to its small footprint there was not enough roof space to hold a substantial amount of solar panels. Instead, they decided to reduce the building’s energy consumption.

A ground source water pump was fitted and most of the building materials are reclaimed, recycled or renewable.

co-op hq#2 The Co-op HQ, Manchester, UK

Not only is this new build a statement with its unique architecture, but it also does its bit in saving this planet. The Co-operative Group spent £100million on building their main office which opened in 2013. And it achieved the highest ever rating (95.16%) from BREEAM – the world’s leading design and assessment method for sustainable buildings.

This building powers itself using crops grown on Co-operative farms, rainwater harvesting, recycling system and a heat recovery system. The building has low-energy lighting, low-energy IT equipment and high-efficiency lifts.

bullitt centre#3 Bullitt Centre, Seattle, USA

The dream of any ecologically minded company is to achieve carbon neutrality. For the Bullitt Environmental Foundation HQ this dream is a reality. There is a water and sewage processing system, solar panels on the roof, rainwater collection and a UV light purification system. There are even 26 underground geothermal wells which heat the water.

The owners of this building also encourage employees to ride their bike to work by having their own garage. Parking for cars is therefore limited.

#4 The Eden Project, Cornwall, UK

The Eden Project is one of Cornwall’s premier tourist attractions and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The large, bubble-shaped domes are home to a diversity of plants from all around the world and act as a natural biome.

eden project

This attraction is also big on educating visitors on the relationship between humans, plants and the natural environment. A geothermal plant powers everything at the project and generates enough to cover 5,000 nearby homes.

ying yang house#5 Yin Yang House, California, USA

This family home and office is designed to use as little energy as possible. And with a bamboo interior and composite stone countertops, much of the materials used are recyclable too.

The building has cross-ventilation, a thermal chimney and solar panels, which along with cellulose insulation and many more sustainable features makes this one of the world’s best eco properties.

Could you improve your green credentials and save money at home and work? Why not take inspiration from these eco warriors.




(images: Dwell, Wikimedia, Wikimedia, Wikipedia and Open Buildings)


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