Health and Safety: Tips for Keeping Safe on Construction Sites

Whether you are a large company working on a multimillion pound development or a one-man-band doing building work as a self-employed career, you’ll want to stay safe on the construction site. Here are a few of our basic top health and safety tips to get you started.

health and safetyService Used Generators
Whether brand new, rented or rehiring a generator it is always best to service them. This should be done twice a year, even if the generator hasn’t been used. We recommend you do it in spring and autumn so you won’t fall into the trap of adverse weather conditions. It shouldn’t take more than an hour to service a used generator, so there are no excuses!

Log the maintenance work in a record book, this way you can look back over any problems that were found and fixed. Or why not invest in generator rehire, when and if you require one?

Wear Safety Clothing

Safety equipment may make you feel a little bit like Bob the Builder but it can save your life. A hard hat is the most recognisable piece of safety equipment worn on construction sites. This helmet will protect your head and brain from any bumps or falling items. Most manufacturers will recommend buying a new helmet every 5 years regardless of how it looks in order to assure its protective properties.

Other common safety clothing can include;
• High-vis jackets, so you can be seen at all times by other workers and or moving vehicles
• Safety goggles, to protect your eyes
• Steal toe capped boots, so you won’t damage your feet.
Stocking up on all of this safety clothing will reduce the risk of injuries and hopefully make you feel more comfortable on site.

Lift Things Safely
Don’t do your back in! Make sure you are lifting properly – “with your knees, not your back” as they say. A back injury could mean that you are off work for a number of weeks or even months, so be sensible – can you really afford that?

If possible don’t even touch or try to lift heavy loads at all, scrap the manual handling and invest in trolleys or even a truck. This will make moving items much easier, and plan ahead to make sure materials are delivered to where you actually need them to avoid double handling.

Safety Signs and Markings
Is there a concealed entrance on-site or are you working with hazardous materials? Either way, make sure everyone on-site is aware of all of the dangers. Identify and mark hazardous material containers and use signs to bring awareness of other dangers. Employee awareness will greatly reduce the risk of accidents.

laddersCherry Pick Your Work
Any work done at height can be, potentially, dangerous. If you can, avoid going up on scaffolding or ladders by completing the job from ground level up. This may be unavoidable however if you are working on a roof or a multi-story building, so place nets or soft landing surfaces below your working area, just in case of a fall or any equipment dropping over the edge. And always remember to secure yourself on with a sturdy harness.

So grab your hard hat, place those safety signs on-site and service that used generator – it’s time to follow our top tips for keeping safe on construction sites!


(images: Wikipedia, Wikia and bertknot)

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