Everything you need to know about Diesel Generators

Are you a bit rusty on your diesel generator knowledge? Not to worry; this article covers everything you need to know regarding the basics of these powering machines.

What is a Diesel Generator?

diesel generators

A diesel generator is a machine made of a diesel engine and an electric generator which is used to produce electrical energy. These generators are used as emergency backup power or help power locations that cannot be reached by the power grid due to remoteness.

How do Diesel Generators work?

A generator works on electromagnetic induction, a principle discovered in 1831 by Michael Faraday. Generators convert mechanical kinetic energy into electrical energy using an external source; it does not actually create it. This mechanical energy moves electrical charges in its wire windings through an external circuit to make the generator’s output.

What are Diesel Generators Used For?

If you work in transportation applications, critical services or mining operations then a generator may be beneficial to you. They are generally used as backup in the case of power outage or remote locations. They allow workers to carry on doing their job without any interruption – meaning the business will not suffer financially.

Generators are normally used in industrial situations as they have low fuel consumption and are extremely reliable. Because of this generators are surprisingly environmentally friendly. They are safer than gasoline powered generators as diesel isn’t as flammable and they require little maintenance.

Looking After Your Diesel Generator

Where you place your generator is important; you want to place it in an outside and open area, away from windows and doors so that carbon monoxide fumes do not creep into the building. The generator will need to be kept dry though so make sure it is protected from the rain under a canopy or wooden shelter.

Generators can also make a lot of noise so be aware that you may not want it near a quiet office or used in a home near a bedroom. Most diesel generators for sale will be portable so you can move them around until you find the perfect spot.

Once you have a location for your generator and it has been here for some time it will be in need of a service – even if you haven’t used it. Your generator should be checked twice annually; once in spring and once in autumn, in order to avoid severe weather conditions such as snow, ice or hot sun. Also if you have not used your generator for a while make sure to fire it up every now and again to assure it still works and it has not seized.

Once a year make sure to change the lubricant oil and filters. Do this according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The oil levels should be topped up and if you are using an air cooled machine make sure to use synthetic oil!

Did we cover everything? Still got questions? Then leave us a comment and we’ll get back to you a.s.a.p.

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