Festival Power

Festival PowerNo power means no event! How you fuel your event can be the difference between a failing and a successful event so be power smart!
When planning a festival, power should be high on your priority list. You need it for stage lighting and sound amplification and don’t forget all the food stalls which will keep festival goers’ bellies nice and full.
But how are festivals powered?
The events sector in Britain uses millions of litres of diesel every year and power is one of the top 5 major expenses of organising a festival. As a result, a quality new or used diesel generator is like gold to a festival manager.
A diesel generator uses a diesel engine with an electric generator to generate electrical energy. Generators are used for festivals as they are quiet and are extremely reliable.

A festival uses power in many different ways, you’ll be surprised at how important it is:

1. Big screens – When you pay to go and see your favourite acts you expect to be able to see them perform; however, if you are at the back of the crowd they may seem like little ants in the distance. That’s where big screens come in. Big screens display live video coverage of the event so that no one will miss out.

These, and the cameras which film, are powered by electricity and therefore are reliant on generators.

2. Speakers – It’s good to be able to see your favourite stars but what about being able to hear their music, that’s why you’re going to the festival after all. Huge speakers are piled next to the stage in order to amplify and project the performance to the eager audience. These are also powered by electricity.

3. Staging – What is a festival performance without flashing lights, lit up logos, and smoke machines. It’s part of the spectacle.

4. Food venders – There is nothing worse than a cold burger or uncooked chips. You could even get ill if some food isn’t cooked so a reliable generator is vital. Food venders will usually have their own personal generators and these will power the ovens and grills as well as keep their food cool in a fridge and freezer.

Don’t waste
70% of an event’s carbon footprint comes from the use of generators and therefore the less energy wasted the lesser your effect on global warming. Get informed about generator requirements and communicate with your contractors to make sure you have suitable power levels. Festivals have the opportunity to show the world how generated electricity should be used.

Image Credithttp://www.flickr.com/photos/niyam/3259593469/

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